April is National Poetry Month. In honor of this, I will be posting a poem a day. Some may be mine. Others may be ones that inspire me as a writer. Along with these poems, I will be keeping up on my blog posts. Here is one of my originals. My poetry tends to run the gamut from depressive to hopeful. Some of it is very personal, others about my surroundings. It all depends on the day. I tend not to box myself in with labels on what kind of poet, or writer, I am. I’ve never been comfortable with labels. People are people. Why do we feel the need to define everything? I feel labels only cause issues. Here’s a poem about my fight with Borderline Personality Disorder and my husband’s struggle to bring light to my chaos.



Between the Chaos


Allison M. Saia



Small pinpoints of light crack through the black

Finding their way amongst the chatter and the wreckage

To that one place where hope resides.

Meandering through the cavernous channels

Trying to penetrate the membrane of fear

Combating the insularity of solitude.

A sometimes futile battle

But the light never fails to try.


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