Today’s poem in honor of National Poetry Month is my attempt at a humorous poem. I spent the afternoon with my teenage son at the DMV and came home and wrote this one. It’s a lighter post then ususal.

Seventh Circle

1 PM

Take a number—29 of 39

Wait and watch.

Teenagers with sweaty palms and scared eyes

Parents teeming with proud hesitation.

Bitchy lady behind counter yelling:

“I’m not watching your hand, that’s not my job.”


Man with steel legs….a hero waits

Watch and wait.

Small talk, small minds

Broken English, Broken rules

Suffocating in red tape

Humanity hides amongst the plastic chairs and stacks of paper


39….Wait, was that really 39?

Wait and watch.

Scissors too blunt for red tape

Wrong documents, wrong attitude.

Roll out the rack and tie me down

Anything is better than this.


Bitchiness masking incompetence.

Wait and watch.

Back in line about to combust

Finally, say cheese!!

Push the dirty window open to civilization

Bright sun burns the eye.

© Allison Cline-Saia


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