The Apple Thief


This is an attempt at a nature poem. I don’t really write a lot of nature, outdoorsy sort of poems. While I appreciate the talent of poets that do that and do it phenomenally, I am just not a outdoor, love nature sort of person. I love the beach. That’s about the only thing I can seriously write about. Water, in general, is my safe place. It’s the place I feel the most peace and serenity. I just don’t like hiking, camping—-that kind of nature. But, one day I was sitting in my living room overlooking the backyard and saw a rabbit with an apple that fell off our tree. I spent at least 30 minutes in awe, just watching him and his mannerisms. I wrote this after the encounter. Just a little something for National Poetry Month.


The Apple Thief


Allison Cline-Saia

He takes a bit of the apple, browned and rotting

And nibbles at it as if it were god’s nectar

An early fall treat that fell from the tree nearby.

With veracity and delight he savors each bite and then waits

Cautiously listening to every sound and tracking each movement

Almost as if he is a thief not deserving of his prize.

Nose twitching, his long ears catch each subtle sound on the wind

And he fears the unknown, yet can’t tear himself away—

He grasps the fruit in his teeth, hoping to finish it in his nearby sanctuary,

But the impending dread overwhelms and he drops the sweet flesh and scurries off.


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