The Family That Writes Together………….


My poem of the day is from my son, who goes by the pen name, hic jacet. He is a freshman computer science major in college—a complete geek, science fiction nerd, but he has a talent for writing poetry. I am in awe of him. I love that we share a love for the genre. 



by hic jacet


i feel the fire of the hearth

rolling deep ribbons around me

wrapping me tight in its arms

and lingering even after long gone


warm, tender arms of soul

reaching out and grasping my hand

holding me and draining my fears

until nothing remains but bravery


i see warmth through the cracks

long gashes and shattered panes

in the tattered mirror i look through to fire

reflecting many flames back, but i see only one


though its glass may splinter and crash

and cut my flesh in long painful tears

i feel no pain, and walk across the shatters

for warmth guides me away from suffering


i see a beautiful soul of radiant light

reflecting aura-hues of bright gold and red

dancing across my heart’s horizon

burning my chains to ember-ash


for that soul i walk across shards

and i would gladly walk forevermore

until my feet are naught but stumps

only to feel that warmth even a second more


light filling the holes in my soul

piecing together a broken man

with shards of another’s glass


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