I missed posting this weekend, too much going on. Today I am posting an original by my youngest son, Harrison. He is a short story writer who wrote this poem for a school assignment. I am so proud of this poem, because he has wrestled with his own depression demons. He has come out so much stronger and happier. He really is an inspiration for teenagers battling depression. It’s difficult as a parent to go through our own depression, but dealing with our children going through the same thing is almost unbearable. Seeing him come through all of this just makes me prouder of him than I could have ever imagined.



You are nothing

                            you are all of us

                                                             and you are none of us.

Even lurking without us

                               in the back of us

                                                             never felt by flesh

We see you only in ourselves

                                 flight or fight

                                                            you control us

Everything done

                                 simply for you

                                                            we cannot control you

But we can lose you

                                  we can win over you

                                                                because you are us

And we are you

                                 so we can end you

                                                                 all we must do

                                                                                                      is be









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