I find myself inexplicably drawn to certain words. Throughout each day, certain words get stuck in my head and just sit there, nagging at me…like a toddler who won’t give up. Sometimes those words go nowhere. Sometimes,I just write them down and come back to them at some point when they do make sense or can be useful. I came across the word “monochrome” in a reading yesterday. I don’t know where or in what context it was used….but it stuck. I keep hearing it in the back of my head. So, I did what I do….wrote about it.


Shades of black paint my every day.

Grays, muted and stark, saturate each minute.

Hours, weeks, months–shrouded in a sea of ebony.

Vibrancy– a thing of memory, colorful days gone by.

My eyes pick up the various prismatic hues,

but my heart sees none of it.

A widower’s veil clouds everything I do, everything I feel.

Desperate for a magical crayon that will drown out the nondescript

and bring color back to my world.


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