Je T’aime



There’s been one place in my life that somehow felt like home from the minute my feet touched the ground. That city is Paris, France. Since my first trip there as a teenager, the city has seeped into my veins and into who I am. Its pulse is my pulse. I can’t explain the connection I have with Paris. It doesn’t really make sense, but I keep getting drawn there. And every trip there just solidifies my love.

When I heard what happened on Friday, my heart broke. I mourn every time some senseless killing takes place anywhere in the world, but this one hit close to home for me. So, I wrote.

Je t’aime, Paris.

Bateaux Mouche

The lights dance on the water creating a tapestry of luminescence

Causing the heart to skip a beat.

Standing above everything else, sparkling with a billion diamonds

The glorious beacon watches over the city–

The streets of the city I love run red with the marks of evil

Creating a rift in the beauty of the city of light.

But, among the chaos and darkness she stands as a symbol of good

Telling her people that nothing will permanently dim her lights.

I cry tears of anger, tears of rage, tears of fear.

He looks at me with childlike wonder gleaming in the blue depths

And smiles.

And I remember that true light, true beauty, true good can never be contained.

Nothing can dim the radiance — light will always win.

Love will always win.