So, this is the page where I’m supposed to tell you all who I am and why I have this blog. The why is simply because I wanted somewhere to vent. Somewhere to put all the craziness that it is in my head. To share snippets of my unusual life and the people and things in it. Is this a lifestyle blog? Maybe. A woman’s blog? Yes. It’s kind of a blog about everything. One day it may be about what I’m doing that day. The next it could be about my depression or my frustrations. I may chronicle the process of novel writing. It all depends on my mood for the day. So, if you’d like to come along for the ride, I’d love to have you as a passenger on this voyage of life.

Who am I?  Tough question.

I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a true redhead, a writer, a Poet Laureate, a Francophile, a Smiths/Morrissey fanatic, a sufferer of BPD.  I’m all of these things and so much more. Complex is my middle name. I live in Hanover, Pennsylvania with my amazing husband and 2 teenage sons. I own a computer business with my husband and sell stuff on eBay. I LOVE SHOPPING!! I am a freelance writer and Poet Laureate of Hanover, PA. I am currently writing a young adult novel. I love to cook, decorate, shop….I am a high maintenance girly girl. I don’t leave my house without make-up. I hate jeans and sneakers. SWEATPANTS???  Never ever ever. 🙂  I love good food, good wine, and great friends. I love the water. It is the one thing that gives peace to my chaotic mind. I love the summer, hate the winter. I am a closet nerd. I love science fiction tv shows and movies. I’m a huge dog lover…well, animal lover. I’m a “grammar Nazi” according to my sons. I love language and words. I tend to ramble….have you noticed?

I’m hoping you will enjoy my blog.  If you do, thank you. If you don’t well….that’s your loss.




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