High Maintenance


The title of this page says it all. My husband calls me this all the time, for a variety of reasons. My personality is high maintenance in itself. I am a handful, to say the least!! But, he calls me this, because I am a girly girl. Hair, nails, make-up, clothes, shoes, purses….OH MY!! I love being a woman. I embrace my femininity. I am not a flip flop and shorts kind of girl. In fact, you will never see me in shorts. I own one pair of workout sneakers and one pair of Converse, which I wore once and threw in my closet. They will be going on eBay soon. 🙂  I just LOVE being a girl. I don’t know if I’m a feminist or not. I get caught up on that word sometimes. I am all for women rights, equality, girl power, all of that. But, I like being feminine. I like getting “made up”. I like looking good for my husband. I am a feminine feminist, I guess. Not a bra burning one. I love bras!!

My biggest problem has been a struggle with my weight. I had no problem with my weight most of my life. Even after my first pregnancy, I lost it all. Then, I got pregnant again, almost 16 years ago and the weight is still there. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism after Harrison was born. My thyroid had shut down completely. I was on medication for a number of years, but I have since gone off of it, due to lack of insurance. But, I plan on going back to the doctor in September to get back on. I am currently taking weight loss supplements. I was hoping for a quicker loss, but I haven’t been drinking the required water and increasing my activity, as required with these supplements. I have lost 9 pounds so far, which makes me happy. Still a long way to go!!

I like being pampered. I love manis and pedis. Massages…..ahhhhhh!!!  I recently started getting my nails done again after a bit of a break. I found, with the help of a friend, a fantastic manicurist. Here is a pic of my latest nails.


Aren’t they fabulous?? I love that they are cool and classy at the same time. I am so happy with them.

I will use this page to post fashion and beauty tips. I love trying new products and finding low cost ways to look and feel fabulous. I could spend hours in those beauty stores, such as Ulta or Sephora. Ulta is a few weeks from opening in my town. I cannot wait!! Although, I’m sure my husband can. 🙂


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